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Welcome to the Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form
in Sixth Form

Welcome from the head of sixth form

For me, Valedictory day, when leavers, parents and staff come together to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of our students and say goodbye to one another, is always the highlight of the year. The day is tinged with sadness as those who have experienced so much shared endeavour go their separate ways. But above all it is a privilege to witness how ready our students are for the next chapter of their lives. It is also a natural time to reflect on the contribution which the sixth form at St Swithun's has made to the development of these remarkable young women.

During her time in the sixth form at St Swithun’s every girl is supported to develop an independent mindset, to excel where her strengths lie and to conquer her fears. We pride ourselves on the vast array of opportunities we offer, allowing every student to find ger passion and pursue it wholeheartedly. We are proud of our academic reputation, A level results and the university destinations of our leavers. But we believe in the virtues of a complete, holistic education that empowers our students to become passionate and curious and to develop a life-long love of learning.

In sixth form there are new-found privileges and freedoms alongside added responsibilities. There are many opportunities for students to develop those all-important leadership and teamwork skills while having a lot of fun along the way. We applaud and encourage innovative ideas and celebrate enthusiasm, diligence, individualism in equal measure.

Each sixth former will have her own ideas and views about what she wants to achieve by the time she leaves school. We really know our students as the individuals they are and we will support each girl to ensure that she makes the most of the opportunities available at St Swithun's. We want each student to be happy and successful in that order, so that she can leave us ready for her next adventure.

Mr Nick Fyfe
Head of sixth form

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Welcome from the head of school (head girl)

When joining St Swithun’s in L4, I found myself being welcomed to a community which encouraged a love of learning, intellectual curiosity and most importantly to have fun in the right moments. This mindset has allowed me to persevere towards my academic goals, pushing me to work hard and use all the resources the school offers, but it also reminds me to take advantage of the school’s other strengths outside academics with a large range of departments each able to support a student’s passion. 

I feel I can follow any interest I have here, with our vast number of extracurricular activities that ensure there is a space for everyone to bond with others over their hobbies, creating an inclusive environment. For me, the large sports department has enabled me to become a keen sportswoman, playing a high standard of lacrosse, netball and tennis, as well as trying new sports like water polo and cricket. Our school plays are extremely popular, where students frequently direct the plays as well as act, sing and do the stage and lighting for them, and through this we learn key skills and work as a team. 

Pastorally, I know I can trust and rely on my teachers if I have a problem and they will endeavour to help me. The support system is extremely strong at St Swithun’s, with many places to go if you ever need help for whatever problem you have from university applications to talking about mental health. Throughout my time here I have felt safe and looked after whenever I’m on the school grounds which then allows me to focus completely on making the most of my time at school. 

The small classes and close contact with teachers at St Swithun’s are extremely rewarding as you build a strong bond with others over your shared academic interests, and you get to know your teachers on a close level. Furthermore, we have an academic enrichment programme with weekly reading groups, guest speakers for academic lunches and other talks after school, covering a multitude of topics and disciplines. Through this I have seen how I can extend my knowledge of history, as well as know what careers are potentially available for me when I leave university. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and I can’t wait to see what opportunities and challenges this final year will bring!

Alice Elkington 
Head of School


What our sixth form students say

You settle in really quickly here and there is always someone to talk to: about school, academic studies, boarding or problems totally unconnected with school

There are loads of activities in the evening and at weekends so you can end up doing something completely different every day

St Swithun’s has developed my positivity, my resilience and my ambition. There is a real sense that you can achieve anything at St Swithun’s, both on and off the pitch

This school is so accepting of everyone that I have really learned to better appreciate and understand alternative perspectives

I have definitely become more confident talking to large groups of people. I’ve also developed better time-management skills from learning to balance academic work and other interests

There is a vibrant community spirit that spans the year groups

St Swithun’s has students from all backgrounds and brings out the best in them, without ever compromising what makes them unique. Choosing to study at St Swithun’s would undoubtedly be one of the best decisions of your life

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