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High Performance Learning

High Performance Learning
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High Performance Learning at St Swithun's

St Swithun's is committed to providing a world class education to its students, and thus the very best foundation in life that it can. We have therefore adopted the High Performance Learning framework. and joined the international network of HPL schools.

The High Performance Learning philosophy is that: high achievement is an attainable target for everyone; intelligence is not fixed (we can all become cleverer); high performers are made, not born (they work for it).

High Performance Learning involves the systematic and explicit encouragement and empowerment of students to develop the ways of thinking and ways of behaving that will equip them for success both in school and beyond.  Ways of thinking include finding connections, strategy planning, problem-solving, and thinking flexibly.  Ways of behaving, which enable our students to flourish amid the increasing demands of our global world, include taking risks, persevering, being open-minded and collaborative.  Although some children naturally acquire the thinking skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed for lifetime success, many do not.  That is why we teach these skills and behaviours explicitly. 

What do we teach?
Why do we teach this way?
How do we teach for high performance?
How can families support children to become high performers?
Further reading

To find out how HPL is embedded into our curriculum, visit our senior curriculum page.

Our head Jane Gandee talks about High Performance Learning in this video:

Spotlight on thinking skills, attitudes and attributes: top tips for parents

Each week we are adding a specific thinking skill, attitude or attribute and suggesting ways in which parents can encourage their child to develop it. Click here for our top tips.

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