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At St Swithun's we know the importance that sport and exercise plays in a pupils long term mental, physical and social health. Our goal is to ensure that every pupil leaves the school believing that sport and/or exercise is a vital part of their life and has the desire, competence and confidence to continue their journey in sport and exercise once they leave the school. We hope to achieve this by providing all pupils with a positive and purposeful journey through sport and exercise.

We understand that every pupil comes to us with different perceptions of sport and ambitions in sport. We aim to provide a tailored programme that allows each pupil to fulfil their potential. From year 7 to 9 we offer a diverse curriculum allowing the girls to experience a variety of activities. As pupils move through the school they will have the option to choose specific activities that they are more passionate about and want to develop within.

Outside of the curriculum we offer a broad range of sport and exercise classes before school, during lunch times and after school. The sports clubs available provide pupils with an additional development opportunity and our modern exercise classes aim to provide pupils with a love of movement that will serve them well beyond school.

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