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Prep School High Performance Learning

Prep School High Performance Learning
in Preschool, Pre-Prep & Prep

St Swithun's is an accredited High Performance Learning World Class School, part of an elite global community of schools recognised as being at the forefront of education and producing exceptional outcomes for students.


High Performance Learning (HPL) is a philosophy which recognises that all children have the potential for high-level achievement, regardless of ability. It is an approach embedded across the curriculum and all areas of school life at St Swithun’s Prep. It systematically teaches even the youngest of pupils the skills and behaviours that will enable them to achieve the best they can during their time at school and equip them to succeed in the next stage of their education.

High Performance Learning centres on five Advanced Cognitive Performance characteristics: meta-thinking, linking, analysing, creating and realising. Pupils begin to identify these characteristics across every facet of school life, to understand how to use them to achieve success in every situation, and to become more aware of their own learning. Children are able to make connections to prior knowledge and identify the value in reflection, practice and collaboration. They recognise that learning is made up of lots of different skills that all need developing – it is not just about ‘knowing’ the right answer.

In Preschool, Pre-Prep & Prep
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