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Junior Beyond Curricular Learning

Junior Beyond Curricular Learning
in Preschool, Pre-Prep & Prep

There is a big, wide world out there and it is vital that our children develop the strength of character to make an amazing contribution.

As well as a broad and rich academic curriculum, we have an equally important programme of personal development that enables each child to recognise their individual strengths and successes, build positive relationships and contribute broadly to school life and beyond.

Our programme is called Flourish and we have articulated six key areas to which we would like all of our children to contribute:

  1. Activities and Interests: clubs, hobbies and sports participation
  2. Fearless Creativity: performance, art, design and innovation, music and dance
  3. Academic excellence: competitions, exams, academic challenges and scholarships
  4. Contributions to the community: charity work, support for the school community through to the global community, social responsibility and environmental awareness
  5. Building positive relationships: being able to support others and work through difficulties, practise leadership and teamwork skills and take on responsibilities within school
  6. Amazing Attitudes: embodying the prep school’s guiding principles of Caritas, Humilitas, Sinceritas and developing skills for learning and skills for life such as collaboration, independence, resilience, perseverance, authenticity and positivity

The aims of the programme are:

  • To ensure children live by the prep school guiding principles of Caritas, Humilitas, Sinceritas
  • To support pupils in developing positive relationships
  • To prioritise emotional well-being and the development of self-confidence and self-worth
  • To prioritise the recognition of each child’s personal strengths and successes
  • To encourage broad contributions to life at school and beyond
  • To recognise the value of personal development in tandem with academic rigour
  • To instil in children a sense of social responsibility

Our programme is delivered through a wide range of school activities, with out of school activities also playing an important role. At school, children record their contributions and achievements within each of the six area and successes are recognised with Flourish awards in our Flourish assembly.

We want to empower each of our children to go out into the world and change it for the better, by instilling in them a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and a belief in their individual strengths and abilities.

In Preschool, Pre-Prep & Prep
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