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Kristie has followed a wide variety of opportunities at St Swithun's, from fencing to rock concerts to starting the equality committee to further develop awareness of some great causes.

What is your favourite thing about St Swithun’s?

My favourite thing is definitely the vibrant community spirit that spans across all year groups. As a student at St Swithun's, you always feel like you have someone to turn to, whether it's someone you sit next to in orchestra, or a girl in your house who helps you with your homework.

What is your ambition for the future?

For the near future, I'm planning on applying to study Spanish at university, and perhaps taking up Russian. After university, I would love to publish a book, or maybe work with the UN.

What support have you had from school to help you pursue your ambitions and follow your out of school interests?

The resources available to students at St Swithun's are amazingly extensive. My main interests are drumming and fencing, and St Swithun's offers opportunities to develop my skills in both of these activities, such as at fencing sessions after school on Wednesdays, and rock concerts twice a year with students performing. The school has also provided me with the opportunity to start the Equality Committee, where I can help raise awareness about race, sexuality, gender, and mental health.

What character traits have you developed in your time at St Swithun’s that have made you who you are? 

I have definitely become more confident when talking to large groups of people from speaking in assemblies and doing readings at services. I've also developed better time management skills, from learning to balance academic work with other interests.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study at St Swithuns?

St Swithun's takes in students of every background and brings out the best in them, without ever compromising what makes them unique. Choosing to study at St Swithun's would undoubtedly be one of the best decisions of your life.

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