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Angel: Netball

Angel: Netball
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Angel works hard in class, applying herself to her academic studies. She is also a keen sportswoman and a prize-winning netballer.

What is your favourite thing about St Swithun’s?

My favourite thing about St Swithun’s is probably the sports because I really enjoy doing sports. My three favourite sports at school are netball, swimming and running. I think I’m best at netball. I play in school and after school, every single night it’s on. I usually play goal defence or goal keeper, but my favourite position would have to be goal attack or goal shooter.

Do you have an ambition for the future or an idea of what you would like to do in the future?

In sport I would like to start doing things like hockey, ice-hockey or gymnastics. If I carry on playing netball, I would like to play worldwide. In gymnastics I’d like to be able to do a backwards walkover. I can get to my hands but not spring to my feet. Outside of sport, I would like to be a calligraphy artist, and for work, I would like to be a lawyer or a banker.

How do you think the school helps you to be able to realise your ambitions?

On the sports like netball, they practice all the things over and over again and sometimes we switch all the positions so you get to have to have a go at all of them. So it helps me with my sport a lot. We get to do loads of sport.

What do you think you have become better at since you’ve been coming to this school?

I would say I’m much more confident. I would say that is one of the top things. I’m better at reading and I’m much better at swimming because at this school we have lessons every Tuesday. I think I’m more determined than I was before as well.

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study at St Swithun’s?

I would say that at St Swithun’s they do a lot of sport and they do teach you a lot as well and it’s actually a very good school; one of the best schools in the country. You learn a lot, the buildings are luxurious and the people are actually very kind.

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