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Amelia is one of our star lacrosse players. She hopes to represent Scotland at lacrosse and achieve her academic potential.

What is your favourite thing about St Swithun’s?

The sport, my friends and the opportunities which it provides me with. 

What is your ambition for the future?

I am aiming to play in the 2019 U19 lacrosse World Cup representing Scotland (in Canada!) and to study English and Spanish at university and to continue my lacrosse career there. 

What support have you had from school to help you pursue your ambitions and follow your out of school interests?

St Swithun’s has really inspired me to be the best sports woman I can be and fuelled my love for the game of Lacrosse, whilst also challenging me to achieve my best academic potential. The teachers and coaches really push and challenge us while supporting us and that is what I love about St Swithun’s. 

What character traits have you developed in your time at St Swithun’s that have made you who you are? 

I believe St Swithun’s has developed my positivity, my resilience and my ambition. There really is an attitude that you can achieve anything at St Swithun’s (both on and off the pitch). 

What would you say to someone thinking of coming to study at St Swithuns?

It’s the best decision you can make and you really must embrace everything the School has to offer and also take the time to bond with other year groups and meet new people as there are so many amazing people to meet. 


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