Year 3 messing about with mud!

Year 3 were transported back in time, over 2000 years, to the time of the Iron Age Celts when visiting Butser Ancient Farm near Chalton recently.

The children spent the day learning Celtic crafts such as making fences out of wattle and daub, and helping to build a house out clunch (having crushed the chalk, mixed it with mud and water.) They also made Celtic jewellery – rings and necklaces.
They all had a turn at being an archaeologist and digging at the archaeological dig, some finding all sorts of interesting artefacts.

Packed lunches were eaten around the fire in a traditionally built roundhouse.
They also visited a Roman villa, saw a hypocaust system and made Roman mosaics.
Although it didn’t rain it was a cold day and all the children declared that they would have much rather lived in a cosy Celtic roundhouse than a drafty Roman villa!