The boarding routine

All boarders are in school from Sunday evenings.  Weekly boarders may go home on Friday evenings but a number choose to stay in school on Friday night if they have an activity on a Saturday morning such as a lacrosse match or Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Those who are in school throughout Sunday attend the school chapel service: girls of different denominations and faiths may join other local congregations if they prefer.

On a school day after breakfast the girls have to be in form rooms by 8.20am for morning registration and are welcome to come back to house at break for hot drinks, milk, juice, biscuits and fruit as well as to pick up their post.

At lunchtime the house is used more as a social venue and boarders may invite their friends (day girls or from other houses) to visit.  Afternoon registration is at 4.15 and boarders then join the co-curricular programme.

Homework runs through from 6pm – 8pm with half an hour for supper, depending on meal sittings.  All main meals are taken in the school dining room and girls are regularly consulted about the menus which always include vegetarian meals, fresh fruit and salads as well as a choice of hot meals and desserts. All boarding houses have kitchen areas where drinks and snacks can be made. U6 boarders have more flexibility in that they can eat in the dining room, cook their own supper or eat in town, before starting homework at 7pm. 

Once homework is finished, all year groups are free to pursue other interests, do music practice, visit friends in other houses, use the fitness suite, the swimming pool and, in the summer, the tennis courts. Each boarding house has more than one communal area where girls can meet together to enjoy television, films, music, craft or play games.
Teachers join in with house life in the evenings and support girls in their various evening interests which include cookery, knitting, rounders and tennis (in the summer), jigsaws, learning how to do cryptic crosswords, or simply chatting. They are allowed laptops, mobile phones and access to internet and email, although there is tight internet security and they do not have access to social networking websites.

Bedtimes vary according to the year group.  Lights out for younger girls is 9pm (aged 11-12) and 9.30pm (aged 12-13).  This time is then increased by 10 – 15 minutes (at the discretion of the housemistress) for each higher year group.  Bedtime in the sixth form is at the girls’ discretion though monitored by the housemistresses. Girls in Le Roy are in small dorms and from U4 girls have their own individual rooms.  All girls are able to personalise their bedroom areas with photographs, posters and their belongings.