Learning support

The learning support department supports the aims of the school by encouraging pupils to maximise their full potential and develop their talents in a caring and supportive environment.
Through the learning and reinforcement of specific skills and knowledge, we aim to underpin the pupils’ academic studies, building on their strengths and supporting any weaknesses.  The girls should feel equipped with enhanced skills which they can apply across the curriculum. 

Through regular screening, staff or parental referral we identify pupils who may be experiencing difficulties with their academic work. We may further assess a pupil in more detail before determining an appropriate programme of support. We also encourage girls to seek advice, reassurance or practical help if they perceive a need. We liaise closely with subject teachers, form tutors and house staff to ensure everyone on the team is aware of a girl’s particular learning profile and any support being provided. 

Everyone in the first year group at St Swithun’s receives organisational and study skills advice delivered as part of the Stretch progamme.  Each girl is issued with a book: Study Skills The complete guide to smart learning by Elizabeth Holton, which will remain useful right throughout their school years.

Bespoke programmes may include any of the following range:

Time management, personal organisation and planning skills

Phonic knowledge 


Reading skills (decoding, comprehension, strategies and speed)

Spelling (knowledge, strategies and practice)

Grammar and Punctuation

Note taking 

Development of written work

Essay writing 

Memory skills and techniques

Revision skills and strategies

Examination technique