Record A levels

Pupils at St Swithun's School have achieved the school's best A-level results on record. 36.8% (compared with a national average of 18.2% in independent schools in 2010) of examinations taken by girls at St Swithun's were awarded an A* grade, with 79.1% achieving either an A* or an A grade.

Overall, 259 A-level examinations were taken by 63 St Swithun's pupils with 96% of A-levels being awarded A*-B grades. On an individual basis, 11 girls were awarded 3 A*s or better.

"These are outstanding results that have been achieved through the tenacity of our pupils, and the dedication and passion of our teachers" said Jane Gandee, Headmistress of St Swithun's who has just completed her first year at the school.

"What is particularly pleasing about these record results is that our pupils have shown that it is possible both to achieve academic success and make the most of the variety of opportunities that exist outside the classroom at St Swithun's. We are a school that prides itself on offering a balance of academic rigour and extra-curricular activity; of being what I call 'appropriately academic'. These results and the girls' successes outside the classroom such as in sport, music and the creative arts suggest that we have got the balance right.'

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