Open minded opera

On 2nd November, the GCSE M5 and U5 music students were taken up to the New Victoria Theatre in Woking to an opera performance and workshop by Glyndebourne on Tour. The workshop, which included two other schools, was 3 hours long and really interesting. We collaborated on some opera pieces with modern music and did lots of drama related activities. One of these activities included writing a tune to one of the Arias, using lyrics from a chat up line!

We also tried directing the professional actors ourselves. This included creating stage directions and actions on the spot. The result, to be honest, was a bit peculiar!
Although it was slightly awkward performing with the other schools at first, the workshop really helped us to understand and appreciate the performance later.
After a supper at Pizza Express which we had really been looking forward to, we headed back to the theatre to see the actual performance of Don Pasquale, an 18th Century Opera by Donizetti. Thanks to the leaders of the workshop (two of whom actually performed in the show) we really got to grips with what those Italians were on about!

Genevieve Hudson M5

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