The study programmes: making the right choice

I wish I’d known that it wasn’t the end of the world not to know exactly what I wanted to do with my life.  I still don’t know but I’m not stressed out about it anymore as I know I’ll have a good degree to help me with whatever I choose to do.  It’s just important to choose a subject that interests you. (2009 leaver)

Choosing your sixth form programme can seem a daunting task: inevitably you’ve got one eye on what further/higher education opportunities there may be once you leave school but it is very likely that at this point you don’t yet have a fixed idea of what you would like to study.  Don’t rush your decision – discuss your ideas with your tutor, your subject teachers, your parents and older girls in the school who are already studying a subject in which you are interested.  You will also talk to members of the student guidance team for their advice on combinations of subjects.

The key things to consider are:

Which subjects do you enjoy the most and feel confident about? In the sixth form, you are looking to excel in these subjects.

Certain degree courses and careers have particular subject requirements – are you aware of what these are?

The student guidance department provides comprehensive information to help you make an informed choice. There are several sources of reference available if you want to know where your particular subjects might lead or which subjects keep most options open for university. Try consulting the Russell Group’s informed choices guide:  We have various computer programmes to help you and Higher Ideas on the school network will list possible degree courses from a given combination of subjects. The department’s intranet site provides regularly updated information on entry requirements for specific careers and those girls who have undertaken the Morrisby online profiling in M5 can access their study interests questionnaire which suggests possible degree courses based on interest profiling: students who join us in the sixth form can also opt into the scheme at this stage.

I studied geography, chemistry and biology (A2) and design and technology (AS). I believe the teachers really get to know you in the sixth form (whether we like to admit it or not!) and this allows them to give very helpful and insightful comments about your future options if you let them.  I would not have considered doing medicine if it were not for some teachers saying I should try, and the careers staff guiding me through the process (I decided relatively late that this is what I wanted to do!). Since coming to university and talking to friends here, I have also appreciated the help of the teachers in the UCAS and interviews process, as this does not necessarily happen at other schools. (2009 leaver)