L5s love Lear's Limericks

On May 12th, the bicentenary of his birth, L5s were learning about British artist, illustrator, author and poet Edward Lear (12 May 1812 – 29 Jan 1888). Lear was predominantly known for his limericks and nonsense prose; The Owl and the Pussycat being one of the most famous.

Girls then rose to the challenge of creating limericks based upon their lives at St Swithun’s. Here are a few of our favourites.

There once was a class called PD
Whose English teacher was called Mrs HB
They read ‘Taming of the Shrew’
And World War One posters they drew
And that made them favourites of Gandee!     
Lara Dent L5PD

There once was a girl who loved music
So much so she decided to choose it
For her GCSE
She sang Doh Ray Me
To the extent that she finally lost it!

Suzannah Egleston L5TG

There once was a girl in the library
Who was often found guilty of bribery
She offered a pound
To the person who found
The book she had borrowed from the library 

Blaise Bird L5PD

Alex Kalisperas L5PD

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