L4s go to Fairthorne Manor

On the Wednesday 5th October L4 went to Fairthorne Manor. We did three different activities. These activities were Team Challenge, Blindfold Trail and Raft Building. All the activities were really fun and some were challenging. Everyone made some more friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
In Team Challenge we had to go around a sort of assault course. Some of the obstacles were crawling through tyres, going over a wooden wall, and through the tyre washingmachine.

In Blindfold Trail we had to go around a trail with blindfolds on. It was strange not being able to see whilst having to step over things and crawl through things. When we had finished we walked the trail without our blindfolds on. We did it a lot quicker!

Raft Building was a lot of fun. We had to build a raft using barrels, rope and wooden poles. The instructors asked us to stand up and sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Then they asked us to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Jump! They also asked us to swap places with different people on the raft. At the end of the activity you could jump in. The water was really cold.

Everyone had a really fun day.
Mara Wicks and Anna Garnett L4

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