Junior Sports Day

Congratulations to the whole school for participating with so much energy and enthusiasm on sports day.  Nursery and Pre-Prep took part in a variety of races and potted sports in the morning, with the Prep department running, throwing and jumping in the afternoon. 

Eight school records were broken:

Year 6  Long Jump by Natasha Smailes (Owls) with 3.77 metres;
Year 3  50m by Natasha Pillai (Woodpeckers) in 9.68 seconds;
Year 4  100m by Elisia McCowen (Kingfishers) in 16.76 seconds;
Year 6 50m by Em Hardman (Robins) in 7.96 seconds;
Year 6  200m and 600m by Alla Garside (Robins) in a time of 32.14 seconds and 1 minute 58.14 seconds respectively;
Year 6  4 x 100m Relay by Matilda Meynell, Flora Hartz, Isabella Kalisperas and Em Hardman (Robins) in 1 minute 5.98 seconds;
Years 3-6 Squadron Relay by Isabella Robertson, Anastasia Lawrence, Tallulah Jeffes and Alla Garside (Robins) in 1 minute 11.98 seconds.

Em Hardman was awarded the Sprinter’s cup
and the overall House results were:

1st  Robins with 457 points  
2nd  Kingfishers with 446 points
3rd  Woodpeckers with 394 points
4th  Owls with 377 points

Well done to everyone who took part.