Hosting South West Rally lacrosse

St Swithun’s hosted the annual South West Rally for 28 senior lacrosse teams on Saturday 13th October. 

For the first time, St Swithun’s entered four teams into the tournament and the 1st team started slowly with a narrow loss against Haberdasher’s Monmouth and wins against Sherborne and Cheltenham.  This put them into the championship division for the afternoon where they beat Queen Anne’s and drew with Monmouth. However, close losses against Godolphin and Downe House saw the team finish 3rd overall; a place higher than last year.  Claudia Strang and Chrissie Sanguinetti led the team by example, Emily Sambrook-Smith was topscorer and player of the tournament went to Anna Boden

1st team results 

HMSG   lost 2-3
Sherborne  won 3-1
Cheltenham won 4-2
Godolphin  lost 2-4
Downe House lost 2-3
Queen Anne's won 5-0
HMSG  draw1-1

1st team. Final position - 3rd in championship division


The 2nd team started well with wins over Marlborough, Sherborne and HelKats and a draw with St Mary’s. They qualified for the championship division in the afternoon where they played well to establish first half leads in all matches but, with the exception of St Mary’s, were unable to hold on for victory. This included a tough match against HelKats with the final result of 2-2 seeing HelKats finishing top of the division and St Swithun’s finishing in 4th place.
Players of the match were Catriona Brown and Helena Sanguinetti. Highest goal scorer was Vicki Moss.

2nd team results

HelKat's won 2-0
St. Mary's draw 3-3
Marlborough won 8-0
Sherborne won 7-0
Downe House lost 1-2
Godolphin  lost 2-3
St. Mary's won 2-0
HelKat's  draw 2-2

 2nd team. Final position - 4th in the championship division


Knowing that they would be playing against 2nd teams was a daunting prospect but the 3rd and 4th teams were confident that they would give a good account of themselves. After the morning games, both teams were placed into the middle division for the afternoon which was a great achievement.
The afternoon highlight for the 4ths was a victory against the 3rds – one to give the selectors something to think about!  Special mention goes to Emily Bowen as top scorer and Holly Woodward and Ella Jonas as captain and vice-captain for the 4ths.  The 3rds player of the tournament goes to Roly Hays Watson and top goal scorer was Olivia Impey.

3rd team results

Godolphin lost 1-5
Wellington draw 2-2
Cheltenham won 2-1
HelKat's C draw 2-2
St. Swithun's D lost 0-1
Wellington lost 2-3
HMSG  won 3-1
QAS  draw 1-1

 3rd team. Final position - finished 4th in division 1

4th team results

Downe House lost 1-2
QAS  won 4-1
HMSG  draw 2-2
St. Bart's lost 1-2
St. Swithun's C  won1-0
Wellington lost 2-4
HMSG  draw2-2
QAS  lost1-2

Final position – finished 3rd in division 1


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