Hitting the write note

Last term St Swithun’s pupil Rhiannon Williams (U5) entered a Young Writers’ competition. The brief was to write a poem about someone special in your life and Rhiannon was inspired to write the following poem which won her a Young Writers’ talented writers’ certificate and the publication of her poem within the Young Writers’ publication entitled ‘Someone Special’.






To a best friend

Half the stuff I say to you I don't mean
and if I sometimes seem harsh - I'm sorry.
Genuinely sorry. When I'm angry
you're the only one around - so,
you get the worst of it, even though
you'd never say a word to hurt me.

But when I'm happy,
and the sun is blocking out the clouds,
the fair-weather friends return -
the ones who do cause pain and do hurt -
and I forget you even exist.

And for this, I really am sorry.
I shout at you; cry at you; gloat at you;
and all you do is endure.
So - sorry. And thank you. Maybe someday
I'll grow up enough to return the favour.
But 'till then, forgive me, and bear with me,
because I'd fall to pieces without you.

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