For King or Parliament

‘For King or Parliament’ was the cry that the U4 heard as they visited Basing House this May.  Basing House was home to the illustrious Paulet family throughout the 16th and 17th centuries. The Paulets were Catholics and staunch Royalists and the 5th Marquis, John Paulet, declared Basing House a Royalist garrison in 1642. U4 have been studying the English Civil War in their history lessons this term and the visit offered them the opportunity to find out more about life during the period and how it impacted on the local area.  The girls took part in a series of workshops which ranged from being archaeologists to knowledge hunting using GPS devices.  Time was spent talking to ‘Kate’, who played a Royalist sergeant’s wife, which shed light on both the role of women in the war and on its effect on them.


We were blessed with beautiful weather and the girls enjoyed picnicking in the 17th century walled gardens.  Overall it was a thoroughly informative and enjoyable day. 

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