Means-tested awards

Candidates for an assisted place follow the same entrance procedure as all other applicants but the standard school registration form should be completed and submitted at the earliest opportunity.

Means-tested award applications should be submitted by the 30th September in the year prior to entry.

However, in certain circumstances applications may be considered outside this timescale. For further information and an MTA application form please contact the school office on office@stswithuns.com or 01962 835700. Guidance as to potential eligibility may be given to parents by the school bursar on 01962 835798.

Decisions regarding the allocation of MTA funds are made when offers are confirmed; for sixth-form candidates this is in early December, for 11+ candidates this is in late January and for 13+ entry this is in mid-February.

The level of financial assistance offered to an eligible applicant may be up to 100% of tuition fees. All awards are at the discretion of the awards committee and their decision is final.

An MTA is intended to be for the duration of a girl’s time at the school. An award is subject to satisfactory educational progress and to an annual financial review. Girls allocated an award are normally expected to complete their education in the school up to and including the sixth form.