Year 6 World War II day

Mrs I Gunner writes: Year 6 girls were transported back to World War 2 with the help of Lauren from Portals to the Past. It was an action-packed day which had the girls transfixed from start to finish. Here is a brief review of the day from some of the girls who took part, giving you a taster of what they encountered:

“A research quiz started the day, which was jam-packed with interesting information which we had to find against the clock. Sections focused on women at war, D-day, Hitler, dig for victory, RAF and Operation Pied Piper. It was amazing how much we learnt while having so much fun.” 

“Paper folding was our third activity. The hilarious, hoggy Hitler consisted of four pigs in the corner of a piece of paper. You had to find the fourth pig, Hitler, by folding, turning around and flipping the paper to make his hog-like face!” 

“Dressing up in a helmet and gas masks was hilarious but they were heavy, smelly and bulky and we felt for the soldiers and people who had to wear them.” 

"When we wore the gas mask it was stuffy and felt hard to breathe."

“Traditional games were very amusing and entertaining. We had fun with friends playing tiddly winks, card games, pick-up sticks and dominoes. Many of us thought it was better than playing with electronics!” 

“With ‘Snap!’ you had to be fast and quick. We liked it because it was all about your reactions and craftiness!” 

Cracking the code – “To crack the code, you have to be in the mode. To reveal it, find the letters that fit!” 

“Co-operation helped us crack the code, but we really had to go into thinking mode!”










Singing - “We found singing to drown out the noise of the bombs exhilarating and could see how it lifted spirits of people. We sang Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit at the top of our voices.”

Dancing – “We did the Hokey Pokey (also known as the Hokey Cokey) which was a popular action dance done to entertain during the war years. We pretended to do it during an air raid.” 

At the end of the day Loren complimented our Year 6 girls on their enthusiasm, intelligent approach to the day and delightful manners. We are very grateful to her for giving the girls such a thought-provoking, stimulating and memorable day!