Year 5 trip to the Mary Rose

On 28th  April, after a brisk walk through the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth, Year 5 arrived outside the impressive Mary Rose Museum. In the morning they took part in two workshops. They were given Tudor artefacts to identify, and replica clothes to try on. Then compared life for the rich and poor on board the ship. Next, they had a chance to try their hand at some maths and science to learn about Tudor navigation.

The tour of the museum later on was much anticipated. The layout allows you to imagine being on the ship herself; sounds are played to simulate noises on board, such as ropes creaking and men at work. The interactive displays caught the girls’ attention, as did the gruesome tools of the barber surgeon! The group stopped and listened to experts talking about artefacts and how they were used as they followed the tour through the ship. On reaching the ‘top deck’ girls were able to get a feel for some of the weaponry on board.