Year 4 Shakespeare Monologues

Miss Silvester writes: On Monday, Year 4 performed monologues as spoken by characters from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and The Winter’s Tale. The girls had looked at how Shakespeare used Iambic Pentameter when writing in verse, and they used this to compose their own monologues for characters at particularly important moments in the plays.

The girls’ writing was beautiful, and they used some very effective imagery. Their performances were remarkable: some were full of the excitement of first love; some were angry, in response to the behaviour of other characters; some actually moved us to tears with their heartfelt emotion.

Ms Tracy Spring, head of drama in the senior school, came over to adjudicate the performances. She thoroughly enjoyed her afternoon, and as well as rightfully extolling the virtues of each and every performer, she was able to give them some useful tips for the future.
Well done Year 4, I was extremely proud of you!