"Who's Watching You?" The GCSE Devised Performance, 24 January 2018

On 24th January 2018, U5 drama performed their devised pieces to a mesmerised audience in the Harvey Hall Theatre. The U5 used Brechtian techniques to influence the development of their piece with fantastic results. The plot provided a framework for the compelling stories of two sisters, whilst the performance techniques ensured that the audience were constantly put on the spot, and forced to make opinions and judgements. 

Comments from audience members included:

“To have devised, staged and produced a piece of theatre in which the narrative compels, the themes engage and the characters absorb with such momentum and originality is to be much celebrated and commended. The U5 GCSE drama students should be justly proud of their achievements.”

“I thought the ideas were very clever and I knew exactly what was going on. Everyone was most impressed. I can’t wait until the next one.”

Eliza Onslow (U5) wrote: "I thought it was amazing that they wrote the entire script by themselves. My favourite part was the suicide on the ladder as it was extremely cleverly acted and gave me the chills. Overall, it was a very powerful performance and had an important life lesson which we all took away with us."

Well done to all involved.