The St Swithun’s Old Girl’s Association is run for the benefit of Old Girls and to provide a continuing and valuable link to current girls at the school. All pupils automatically become members on leaving the school, and are welcome to take advantage of the many benefits of lifelong membership.

Where are you?

Old Girls are to be found around the world from the USA to United Arab Emirates, Canada to Chile, Europe to Egypt. You share a common bond, nurtured through your time at St Swithun’s, from which you will continue to benefit far beyond the school gates whether it be through enduring friendships, the discovery of new contacts, or the enduring support of the school community.

What we do

The OGA is run by a Committee led by President Rebecca Rothman V 1982, with the administrative support of the school development office and head of development, Emma Boryer. We provide:

  • A secure online network enabling Old Girls to share information and contact details 
  • Regular e-newsletters sharing news, requests and information with Old Girls' around the world 
  • An annual magazine, available in print or online
  • A variety of social, cultural and reunion events to appeal to Old Girls of all ages and interests
  • A professional network drawing on the experience of generations of Old Girls 
  • Opportunities to give back to the school by providing career advice or work experience for current pupils 
  • The opportunity to re-visit the school as part of a reunion or other event, or for a bespoke tour
  • Commercial opportunities for your work on the Old Girls’ website and in our publications 
  • A school-funded OGA office to support and promote stronger links between Old Girls, and between Friends of St Swithun’s and the school for our mutual benefit.

To view current committee members see below (at the bottom of this page)

Old Girls’ Network

We have a thriving business club whose purpose is to provide a true old girls’ network for those interested in their own careers or those of their fellow Old Girls. With over 300 members, we hold regular events to enable Old Girls to make and nurture new contacts, and learn from each other.


In addition, Old Girls provide a valuable resource through offering their time or expertise to current pupils through Student Guidance. Volunteers help with interview practice, work experience, university advice and in many other ways which support the next generation of pupils as they prepare for life beyond St Swithun’s.


Old Girls are welcome to many school events, allowing you to appreciate the continuing excellence offered by a St Swithun’s education. We also invite Old Girls to special events for the school community, including for example specialist lecture series, or guest speaker engagements.


We are proud that our Old Girls want to stay in touch, and remain part of the supportive wider community of Friends of St Swithun’s working together to benefit both the school and current and former pupils.


Both Rebecca and Emma are always pleased to hear from Old Girls, please do get in touch with your news, updates and contributions through the online network Friends oga.stswithuns.com or by email to Emma at oga@stswithuns.com

OGA Officers
President: Miss Rebecca Rothman V 1982
Headmistress: Ms Jane Gandee (ex officio)
Secretary Mrs Penelope Lake (Saunders) HH 1951
Treasurer Mrs Roberta Brockman (Chew) CG 1968
Committee member: Mrs Christine Finch (Panton) V 1961
Committee member: Ms Tahira Martin E 1976
Old Girls' Day officer: Miss Sophie Neyroud V 1979
Staff representative: Miss Jayne Webber (ex officio)
Head of Development: Mrs Emma Boryer (ex officio)