U9 Twyford tournament

It was a cold but sunny Saturday morning when the U9’s met at Twyford, the girls were very excited to be playing in their first ever tournament but also rather nervous. The girls showed great maturity as they independently carried out the warm up drills we had been practicing and soon it was time for the games to start. We were to play 8 games in total in this round robin tournament.

We headed into the sports hall for our first game against Portsmouth Grammar School. Having previously lost to them in our first game of the season we knew that this was going to be one of toughest matches, but the girls’ positive attitude and strong defence kept PGS on their toes and the game finished 2 – 0 to PGS.

Next up was Sherborne House, who we had had a tough match against the previous Thursday, so we had a quick ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ talk and headed outside to take them on. As in our previous match their attackers, especially their GA, were tall and aggressive and made our girls work extremely hard. However, our girls kept their heads up and fought hard. Some lovely, strong, passes enabled the game to move quickly up and down the court, we did well to score but unfortunately the game ended 4 – 1 to Sherborne House.

West Hill Park was next up and they were somewhat of unknown quantity having never played them before. The teams were fairly evenly matched but our girls were really starting to gel as a team and some great netball ensured. The game ended with a 1 – 0 win to us.
This win really lifted spirits and we remained on court to play Twyford B in high spirits. Again the two teams were evenly matched, with the ball travelling quickly up and down court, however neither team could manage a goal and the game ended in a 0 – 0 draw.

We headed back inside for another tough match, this time against Prince’s Mead; again we had lost to them earlier on in the season. However, the results from our previous few games had done wonders for the girls confidence and although Prince’s Mead were extremely aggressive, egged on by our supporters we worked our socks off both in defence and attack to win the game 2 -0.

Westbourne House were next up and were another team that we hadn’t played before but we were on a roll, and the girls read the game well seeing the spaces and getting in front of their players, this along with some strong passing meant we won the game 2 -0.

Next we faced Twyford A and we knew that this was going to be the toughest match of the tournament. Despite Twyford out classing us the girls didn’t let their heads drop and we even managed to score. The final whistle blew and the score stood at Twyford A 6 St Swithun’s 1.
Our final match was against Stroud, and by this point the girls were rather tired but determined to finish the tournament on a positive note. They succeeded with this and won the game 2 – 0.

All the girls played extremely well and really learnt how to play as a team, they should be very proud of themselves. We had a quick team talk where Miss Dickson and I congratulated them on achieving the goals, of winning 4 games, which we had set them. We then headed over for the prize giving where we were delighted to discover that we had come 4th. This was an excellent result, especially as we came ahead of teams such as Prince’s Mead.

Huge congratulations to the girls Lula Goldring, Phoebe Hammond, Anna Morley, Georgina Richard (captain) Olivia Busher, Isabel Green, Mia Clark and Amelia Tiarado.

1st - Twyford A
2nd - Portsmoth Grammar School
3rd - Sherborne House
4th St Swithun’s

Kate Grosscurth and Juliet Dickinson