U6 English Symposium

On Sunday 17th November, members of the U6 attended an English Symposium on twentieth-century drama at Winchester College.

The day consisted of a series of interactive workshops that centred heavily on the role of speech in drama. Through mixed gender groups, the girls spent the morning performing scenes from Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming and Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire focusing on the significance of both verbal and body language.

After an introduction to discourse theory in the afternoon, the girls looked at how far language is gendered as well as how language is used to exercise power and control. The day concluded with a study of Samuel Beckett’s Not I, focusing on the significance of fractured utterances and the relationship between speaker and audience in theatre.

The day was not only enjoyable, but also illuminating. Upon reflection, the girls felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to enrich, cultivate and refine their knowledge and skills beyond the curriculum in such a scholarly fashion. The group included Natalie Aldridge, Alex Blanchard, Hattie Cresswell, Ana Lackner, Laura Molden, Fran Pontin and Rhiannon Williams.

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