Trip to the land of ice and fire

Catherine Steer L6 writes: At the end of the Easter holidays, a group of M5-L6 geography students travelled to Iceland for a fascinating trip to discover the ‘land of fire and ice’. 

Before we had even checked into our hotel, we had visited the famous blue lagoon, where we experienced, as it seemed, every single type of weather (including sun, rain and hail) whilst the bottom halves of our bodies were submerged in 39ºC geothermally heated water.

Highlights of the trip for many included our visit to the rather petite capital city of Reykjavik, which has a population similar to that of Basingstoke; the geothermal power station which provides all of its hot water and electricity; our walk through the stunning Þingvellir National Park; seeing geysers erupt in Haukadalur and our sighting of the Northern Lights. 

As well as a chance to visit this incredible country, the Iceland trip was also a stimulating opportunity for the geographers to see the things which they learn about in the classroom, on display in the outside world. 

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