Sports training opportunities

Inter-school team sports


Children from Year 3 - 6 all get a chance to play in interschool matches each term.

In the autumn and spring term the focus for our matches is netball and in the summer term the focus is rounders.

We also provide additional opportunities for those more accomplished sportswoman in the form of tournaments and athletics competitions. Selection for these will happen during curriculum lessons and participation in after school clubs if applicable.

Swimming Squads

In addition to the year group swimming lessons each week, the quickest 9 girls in Year 3 – Year 6 are invited along to a ‘swim squad’ training session each week. The girls are selected based upon their weekly swimming sessions and termly timings.

Our selection policy

Selection is based primarily upon the performance and attitude of a player during training and in matches. Every effort will be made to inform a player how she may improve in these aspects in order to gain selection for a certain team. Our A teams are those we feel perform at a consistently high level within their peer group. We ask that parents support the school sports coaches in this process, even when there is disappointment with a selection decision. The senior management team delegates this responsibility to the coaches who are making decisions in good faith.

To read more about our selection policy, please click here.

We recommend that our talented sportswoman look to external clubs for additional coaching if they have demonstrate ability and passion for a given sport. Swimmers trial with Winchester City Penguins Swimming Club and our athletes join Winchester & District Athletics club. Swan netball, Weston Park Blades and Pass and Play are recommended to out more accomplished netball players. 


Additional sports training opportunities

Running club

There is a lunchtime running club for girls in years 3 - 6 twice a week for fitness and pleasure.


There are after school gymnastics training sessions for under 8 girls and upwards taken by a gymnastics specialist (level 4 coach) 

Tennis Group sessions

Children have the opportunity to train with our tennis coach during school time. These can take the form of individual or group lessons. There is also an after school club the children may join.