The school history

St Swithun’s Junior School, for pupils aged three to 11, is part of St Swithun’s School and is on the same extensive site as the senior school, on the outskirts of Winchester.

St Swithun's was founded as ‘Winchester High School’ by Miss Anna Bramston, daughter of John Bramston, the then Dean of Winchester, with the ambition of educating "daughters of worthy citizens of Winchester". Not having sufficient money of her own, funds were raised by subscription and the school opened on 5 May 1884 with seventeen pupils. Pupil numbers soon grew and the school began taking in boarders as well.

In 1909 the school’s name was changed to Winchester Girls’ School and then, after World War I to St Swithun’s School. The virtues of St Swithun, Caritas, Humilitas and Sinceritas were adopted as the school’s motto in 1928.

St Swithun's moved to its present location in 1931. Princess Mary the Princess Royal opened the new buildings in 1932.  The senior school is now 132 years old. 

There were juniors in the senior school from its beginnings in 1884, but a separate junior school was not opened until 1947 when the Holy Trinity rectory in St Peter’s Street was rented.

In 1953 the junior school moved to Medecroft, a large house in Sparkford Road, where it remained for 12 years.

In 1966 the junior school moved to join the senior school here. In 1966, 50 years ago, the then new junior school building was opened. In 1974 a fire swept through the junior school and most of it was destroyed; the rebuilt school was opened in 1975.

A new junior school has now been completed on the east of the main school campus. Pupils moved into the main school building in September 2015 and the addition of a performing arts hall and sports hall was completed in March 2016. For more information click here