Technical Specifications

Stage Dimensions

Depth: 7.5m
Width: 15m
Height from stage to grid: 6m


Full capacity: 580
(Dependant on hirers set-up)


Control room:
Behringer 32 channel mixer
CD: Denon 685 DCD
MD: Tascam MD301

4 x Phonic MAX2500 4 power amps
Monacor PA-1410MX
Behringer Super-X Pro 2/3 way crossover
3 x Phonic MQ3229 Dual 29 band graphic EQ

4 x R-115 reference series
2 x Pf-015 series wedges
1 x Sub 118 SubBass
4 x Active 400W Behringer
2 x active 220W Behringer


Control desk: Strand 300 series
Control of 22 Independents
Control of house lighting system
(either from wall panel or control desk)
96 x Dimmers (hard patched)

Lighting Stock

4 x Parcan 64
6 x Parcan 64 floorcans

2 x Selecon compact fresnel
12 x Selecon acclaim fresnel

4 x Selecon 1200 PC Pro
4 x Compact PC
6 x Selcon acclaim PC

9 x Selecon pacific 23/50 (600W)
8 x Selecon pacific 12/28 (1K)
1 x Selecon pacific 12/28 (600W)
2 x Selecon pacific fixed beam 90 (600W)
6 x Selecon pacific 5/13 (1K)
14 x Selecon acclaim 18/24 (600W)

8 x LEDJ alu compact 3W par

4 x Selecon aurora 4 cell cyc floods
2 x Selecon single cell symmetrical cyc
2 x Selecon single cell asymmetrical cyc

Lighting Accessories:
Please ask for current stock, any orders will be the charged to the hirer.

Rigging Positions:
2 x Advance 12-way IWBs
1 x 12-way mirrored IWB around the
2 x 12-way IWBs above stage (DS and CS)
1 x 12-way IWB (8 sockets paired for
cyc floods) above the stage (US)
4 x Dip traps, each with 4 sockets for flood lighting, and 2 independent sockets (US left and right, DS left and right)  


Show relay and backstage paging throughout the building, as well as front of house paging from the control room.

Microphones:Various live and studio specific microphones available, please ask for further details.
Large stock of various stands.

Other Equipment

The theatre has a stock of staging very similar to a steel deck,  and treads to suit. Please ask for further details.

A set of motorised blue velvet front tabs and border.
2 sets of manually operated black legs and borders to create a proscenium arch.
A motorised white cyclorama.

Projection Equipment

A motorised 12 x 12ft projection screen in fixed position, is available for use, with projector mounted on circle front.


If the hirer is providing their own scenery, they must be fireproofed to a standard which meets fire regulations.It must be free standing and can only be secured using stage weights.


Steinway D concert  grand piano
Dance floor (covers full stage)
Limited stock of stage furniture and props
Pyrotechnics cannot be used.