Teacher launches second book

English teacher Sam Lenton read extracts at an official book launch in St Swithun's library for his new book today.

The fictional thriller called A Right to Know, deals with a widower’s determination to uncover the truth about his wife’s supposed accidental death and is loosely based on the recent phone hacking scandal. 

Sam Lenton began writing the novel in 2012, shortly after the release of his first book Accidental Crime. He has self-published both books which are available through Amazon, the online retailer as e-books and through CompletelyNovel.com as paperbacks.

From a scriptwriting background at university Mr Lenton has also written scripts which have been performed both in Cambridge and in his local area of Southampton. 

Harriet Rose U6, who has recently read A Right to Know said ‘'The novel excels as an energetic mix of wit, tension and expert characterisation as the lines between truth and paranoia, and integrity and corruption, become increasingly blurred.'

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