Staff CPD

St Swithun's - a professional learning community

St Swithun’s is strongly committed to the continuing professional development of its staff with generous logistical and financial support offered to facilitate this. With our head of professional practice expressly tasked to create, drive and monitor CPD, St Swithun’s is ideally placed to offer its staff both a foundation for developing their professional skills and a platform for the launch into the next phase of their careers.

Our integrated approach to continuous professional development for teaching staff enables a fusion of pedagogical understanding of practice with its operation in the daily business of teaching and learning: the range of opportunities offered within the school day, such as lunches for those with common professional interests and teacher learning groups, is complemented by the chance to undertake specialist and academic qualifications and informed by current educational and academic research. Teachers at St Swithun’s develop, enrich and refine their understanding of the craft of teaching and learning, fostering a rich, innovative and inspiring environment for all.

We have to date appointed three lead practitioners who model and champion excellence in practice and implement teaching and learning initiatives and strategies across the school maintaining a clear focus on outstanding delivery to learners and exemplifying the highest of professional standards. Our incentivised action research projects extend the range of opportunities on offer and realise our vision of St Swithun’s as a centre of excellence and innovation.

Our bespoke provision for pastoral staff includes training from our school clinical counselling psychologist as well as visits from external inset providers. Recent years have seen CPD sessions on child bereavement, eating disorders and mental health first aid. Because of the value we place upon our colleagues’ experience, we are able to learn from each other as well as from those with particular expertise.

Our digital resource base combining educational and action research with a repertoire of effective pedagogical and pastoral practice draws together our CPD provision and confirms that at St Swithun’s, CPD is a key component of teacher’s professional identity and that the school operates as a learning organisation for staff and pupils alike.