We offer academic scholarships at 11+, 13+ and 16+.  These carry a fee subsidy of up to 20% and are awarded at the discretion of the scholarship awards committee.

External candidates

11+ candidates are selected based on the results of the Common Entrance examinations and are invited to attend an interview soon after completion of the examination. The 2019 interview date is 28 January 2019.

13+ UK-based candidates may be put forward by their current school and take the Common Academic Scholarship papers in the February of the year of entry. Overseas-based candidates and late-entry UK-based candidates are selected on the basis of their performance in our own entry papers which are taken in the January of the year of entry and may be invited to attend for interview in the February of the year of entry. The 2019 interviews will take place on 25-27 February 2019.

16+ candidates will be interviewed on the evening of Friday 2 November 2018 and will sit academic papers on Saturday 3 November 2018. UK-based candidates will also take cognitive ability tests (overseas-based candidates will have already submitted a UKiset report.

Scholarship interview dates for 2019 entry are as follows:

 Scholarship interview dates

 11+ Monday 28 January 2019



25-27 February 2019

Friday 2 November 2018 

Internal candidates

Internal candidates for 13+ scholarships will be invited to apply at the appropriate time by the director of studies. They will be considered alongside candidates from other schools and will be interviewed.

Internal candidates for 16+ scholarships will be invited to apply and are selected based on the results of academic assessments in their intended A level subjects. They will be considered alongside external candidates and will be examined on Saturday 3 November 2018.



External candidates

Music scholarships and exhibitions may be awarded each year to suitable applicants at 11+, 13+ and 16+. Scholarships carry a fee subsidy of up to 20% and cover music tuition on two instruments, per annum, for the duration of the award. Music Exhibitions cover music tuition on one instrument, per annum, for the duration of the award.

The minimum Associated Board standard required for music scholarships and exhibitions is Grade 5 at 11+, Grade 6 at 13+ and Grade 7 at 16+ on the first instrument. Candidates must offer at least two instruments at audition, although the second instrument may be at a lower performance standard.

All candidates who are offered a music scholarship or exhibition must also fulfil the school’s academic entrance requirements. Auditions are held in January (11+ and 13+) and in November (16+).

The audition dates for 2019 entry are:

Audition dates

11+   23 & 24 January 2019 Deadline for application 1 Dec 2018



30 & 31 January 2019

2 November 2018

Deadline for application 1 Dec 2018

Deadline for application 10 Oct 2018

All enquires should be made directly to the music department at Arrangements will be administered for an initial audition (which usually takes place the term before) for guidance with the real audition as above.

Music scholars may also make a separate application for a means-tested award in exactly the same way as any other applicant to the school. Applications for a music scholarship must be accompanied by a completed registration form.

Internal candidates 

Music scholarships are also open to girls already in the school. Internal candidates must meet the Associated Board standard required for music scholarships, Grade 6 at 13+ and Grade 7 at 16+ on two instruments. Internal candidates will be nominated by their music teachers with reports submitted to the director of music. They will be invited to audition on the same dates and in the same way as the candidates from other schools.

For further information and music scholarship application form please contact


Sports scholars may also make a separate application. Applicants for a sports scholarship must ensure that they have already registered with St Swithun’s.


If you consider your daughter fulfils the criteria for the award of a sports scholarship please email a completed application form to


This should include all previous sporting achievements and qualifications plus a recent picture and covering letter from your daughter explaining why she thinks that she would make a good sports scholar. 

  Assessment date  Application Deadline
11+ 23 & 24 January 2019 30 November 2018
13+ 30 January 2019 11 January 2019
16+ 2 November 2018 30 September 2018

The information submitted by sports scholarship applicants will be considered. A number of girls will then be selected and invited to attend an assessment comprising physical tests and an interview.