Rounding up the musical year

The musical year came to a rousing end last week with the Summer Concert and the Scholars’ Concert in quick succession. These concerts provided an opportunity for girls in L4 to M5 to perform in Phoenix Choir, Wind Band and the junior flute and clarinet groups. Soloists were selected from the finalists of the junior and intermediate categories of the school music competition. It was wonderful to see the girls take to the stage with confidence and enjoyment.

The Scholars’ concert on June 24th rounded off the term with some very accomplished playing by ten of the school’s scholars and exhibitioners. The programme included music in a variety of styles including a very proficient performance on the piano by Mia Stares L5 of The Harmonious Blacksmith by Handel and a delightful flute duet by Doppler performed by Olivia Bartlett and Isabella Maxton M5

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