Providing life-changing opportunities

The minutes from the first fundraising meeting for St Swithun’s School on 25th January 1884 report a number of speeches articulating the importance of providing a “sound and solid education” for “women [as] the great educators of the world”. The importance of educating girls, in particular, is promoted today by many, including the United Nations who advocate the transformative nature of girls’ education, “especially for the poor”. Even in the UK, an excellent education empowers girls by increasing their chances of getting professional and productive employment and participating fully in society – and it has intergenerational positive effects.

At St Swithun’s we currently provide the advantages of a St Swithun’s all-round education to thirteen girls from financially disadvantaged backgrounds who are eager to make the most of the genuinely life transforming opportunities that such an education offers.

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Impact on current bursary recipients

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