Practical maths with Year 2

Miss Webb writes: Last week, Year 2 were learning how to work out change from different amounts. After lots of hard work, they got to put their new skills to the test in our Year 2 shop. The children took it in turns to be shopkeepers and customers, and used blank number lines to work out what change they needed to give. The customers all checked their change, and made lots of interesting purchases. We are very proud of how well the children worked together, and were pleased to see how much they enjoyed the activity. All of the teachers joined in, and Adam Marshall, junior school office administrator, even came to visit us because it sounded like so much fun.

Georgia: “Adam was a very good customer, he bought a horse and a bingo set!”
Ellie: “I enjoyed writing the sums out when I was working out the change.”
Jaina: “I had lots of fun because we got to use money.”