Pastoral care

We pride ourselves on the level of pastoral care we provide. Every girl belongs both to a house (day or boarding) and a form. She is in the joint care of her housemistress or housemaster and her form tutor, who are supported by heads of year. Generally, form tutors deal with problems of work and day-to-day routine, while the housemistress or housemaster has the pastoral care of a girl over several years.  Both form  and house staff communicate with each other and share information that directly affects a girl’s progress.We recognise that good communications with parents are essential and we work hard at keeping in contact.

All boarding house staff live on site and ensure that full and weekly boarders enjoy a community life to the full, with the right balance of study, relaxation and challenge. Our boarding staff naturally set standards and enforce rules for the good of all, but they seek to do so with a lightness of touch. The aim is to provide support, care and a framework in which girls can develop as individuals.

Dedicated support is available for those girls for whom English is not their mother tongue.  Please click here for further details. Day girls have their own school houses with staff and tutors to oversee the mix of school and home commitments.

Learning support staff provide learning support for girls who have problems associated with dyslexia, have specific learning difficulties or problems of organisation.

The school health centre is staffed 24 hours a day by qualified staff. Boarders are also registered with the school doctor who visits twice weekly and additionally when necessary.

The school's chaplain lives on site and is available for all aspects of care and support; girls are also encouraged to turn to any member of staff to whom they feel they can talk.

We ensure that girls work together to forge supportive relationships with other girls of all ages throughout the school. Together, the whole school community provides a pastoral support framework which is finely attuned to the needs of both boarding and day pupils.