PSHEE and citizenship

We ensure that a range of PSHEE and citizenship topics generally in line with the National Curriuculum are delivered through our teaching and pastoral activities. Our PSHEE and citizenship programme plays an important role in contributing to the outcomes of Every Child Matters (Ofsted) and includes:

Citizenship Programme
Drugs and alcohol education Emotional health and wellbeing Sex and relationship education Safety
Nutrition and physical activity Careers education Work-related learning


For each year group, much of the provision is implicitly delivered through a range of school activities and includes:

  • Visits from specialist speakers
  • Learning opportunities throughout the academic curriculum
  • Specific lessons in curriculum time
  • Work with pastoral staff in the day and boarding houses
  • Whole-school initatives
  • Extended timetabled activities
  • Learning through the wider community and through involvement in the life of the school

The topics covered by visiting speakers in L4 – L5 (years 7-9) include:

  • Alcohol
  • Puberty
  • Eating disorders and self-esteem
  • First aid training
  • Health awareness

The topics covered in L4 and U4 PSHEE and citizenship (years 7 and 8) lessons include:

PSHEE & Citizenship Topics
Settling in to a new school Getting to know you Relationships Friendships Target setting and sensible goals
Work organisation Prevention of bullying Personal health and hygiene  Health awareness Consumerism – fair trade
Consumers – rights and responsibilities Global citizenship Introducing debating Charities Careers
The media and young people Democracy and Britain’s government Developing discussion skills, writing skills and examination technique

The topics covered by visiting speakers in M5 – U5 (years 10-11) include:

  • Contraception
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Sexually transmitted infections