Our Vision

What is our vision?

St Swithun’s School owes its very existence to the philanthropic vision of Anna Bramston, the daughter of the then Dean of Winchester, and the generosity of the local community. In 1884 their vision was to provide an education for girls that would not only rival anything on offer for their brothers, but one which was not exclusively for the daughters of the privileged few. 

This vision has stood the test of time and St Swithun’s School is a single-sex girls’ school renowned for its excellent all-round education. The school is proud of its forward-looking teaching methods, its scholarship and the attitudes of mind it fosters in its students. We describe ourselves as “appropriately academic” and thoroughly prepare all our pupils for life beyond the school gates. 

We believe St Swithun’s should offer girls the opportunity to develop their potential, whatever their means or backgrounds. Every year the school attracts a number of applicants for our means-tested bursaries and each year we have to turn deserving girls away. It is our target to raise and maintain funds committed to means-tested support at 5% of fee income. At current levels this equates to 21 girls receiving a full means-tested bursary and a life changing opportunity to attend St Swithun’s School.

As a registered charity, and remaining true to our founder’s vision, we wish to continue to provide life transforming educational opportunities for girls from all backgrounds where “the daughter of a peer and the daughter of a butcher might sit side by side”.

[This quotation was made by Reverend R Wilde at the first public fundraising meeting in January 1884 as he made the case for “the need of a public school for girls in” Winchester].