National Shakespeare week

As part of our participation in National Shakespeare Week our Y3 and 4 children put on a production of The Tempest.

The children worked extremely hard and their performances were of a very high standard, particularly considering the age of the girls involved. This was a 90 minute production, with large swathes of Shakespearean script that the Y4 children spoke with great understanding and passion.

The Y3 children played Sea Spirits, who commented on the action and helped the audience follow the plot. There were some exciting songs throughout which were sung with the girls’ customary enthusiasm and gusto, and Ariel ‘s solos (Josephine Werner) were just beautiful. Matilda Melhuish (Prospero) and Tacita Dare-Bryan (Caliban) in particular both shone in their dedication and commitment in delivering outstanding performances of such demanding roles. We are very proud of all the girls’ achievement in this production.