My favourite place competition

Congratulations to Georgia Tice U6 for coming runner up in the Hampshire Geographical Association My Favourite Place competition. Students were asked to take a photo, sketch or paint, and then in less than 500 words, describe that place and explain using geographical terms where possible, why it is special.

Georgia won a cash prize and certificate. Her photo and description of her favourite place can be seen and read below.


My Special Place

My pond is incredibly special to me for a variety of reasons. From a young age I have possessed a fascination with tadpoles and their miraculous transformation into miniature frogs in a matter of weeks. Having harvested tadpoles from puddles for several years, I eventually decided the time to create my own haven of amphibian life had come. Therefore, after hours of research, the digging began and soon my pond was completed. The building itself had sentimental value as my uncle from Australia helped me and we spent a jolly couple of weeks cementing which is a memory I will treasure forever as we do not see our Australian relatives very often. At first my pond sat very quietly with, disappointingly, very little wildlife action at all. Slowly life began to flock to the little round pool of water at the back of the garden and I watched amazed as dragonflies, greater water boatmen, and pond snails inhabited this small ecosystem. I could not help but wonder where they had come from! The biodiversity in and around the pond multiplied every day as new breeds of plants settled including Poppies, Daisies and Meadow Clary. In addition, animals were spotted drinking from the pond and it has become a favourite place for birds to bath. Under water the habitat was changing as the decomposers broke down dead plant material and microscopic plankton, producing a food resource for microbes and invertebrate.  The range and abundance of different species amazed me, from miniscule creatures to larger mammals, as this primary succession developed and stabilized. The pond was finally coming alive but deep down I was heartbroken that no tadpoles or even frogs had been spotted. However after an agonising wait of two years, a perfect blob of frogspawn appeared floating on the surface of the water – the best token of gratitude from the frogs that I could wish for!

This pond created a quiet area in the garden filled with natural beauty where one can sit and absorb nature’s wonder. Through stressful and troubled times I have found great comfort in sitting by the water’s edge giving me space to think. Furthermore I am proud that we were able to create and provide such a successful habitat for a huge variety of wildlife. I am already eagerly awaiting this year’s delicate frogspawn to arrive and the wondrous life cycle of a frog to unfold in my very own, mini aqua environment.

Georgia Tice, St Swithuns’ School


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