Multi-cultural Berlin visit

Delphine Legat L6 writes: In June, 19 girls studying A-level subjects as varied as German/art/ art history and Classics set off with Mrs Ross, Mrs Condell and Mrs Steer to explore Germany’s beautiful capital city, Berlin, with its majestic and intricate architecture and world famous museums filled with modern art and classical treasures. All girls had a chance to try traditional German food such as currywurst, schnitzel and bretzeln. 

The German A-level students enjoyed a fringe improvisation theatre, while the art students had plenty of opportunities for sketching. All girls studied compelling pieces of Roman, Greek and Egyptian artwork. Phenomenal views from high buildings and good sunny weather gave unique photo opportunities, with a particular mention to the beautifully chilling holocaust memorial, situated only a few hundred yards away from Germany’s parliament building, where the group had a truly inspiring guided tour.