Monster Mayhem

Roger Marshall, director of sport writes: I am always looking to see if technology can help enhance my teaching. This term I had the opportunity to work with the girls of Years 5 and 6 on a P.E. topic entitled ‘running’.

I wanted to get away from the traditional cross-country running as a focus and instead focus on running being an enjoyable and sociable activity, with added health and fitness benefits. As well as using a games approach to get the girls running I decided to try and use our bank of iPods to help create a running game modelled loosely on the summer hit of Pokémon Go.

In my devised game pairs of girls run and locate pictorial monsters hidden around our school grounds. When they have discovered a species they then scan it to reveal how many points they have gained before running back to HQ to record their score. The pairs have four minutes to score as many points as possible.

With a little trepidation I tested the game with Year 5, but was staggered by their level of participation and enjoyment. We have now turned it into class v class as well as a year group v year group challenges and what is most pleasing is that it gives the girls a purpose for running and also allows them to run in pairs rather than in isolation. The game has appealed to those who are competitive, those who run confidently over long distances but also to those who may have been reluctant runners, with every child giving their all.

The game is constantly evolving and recently we have brought in map work and orienteering to create new and exciting elements. We have already noticed that more girls are signing up for the junior park run held regularly in Winchester and we have also received requests for a lunchtime running club.