MESTival (noun) A Mathematics, Engineering, Science and Technology festival held on:

Wednesday 6 July 2016 at St Swithun's School, Winchester

Attracting over 1000 students (years 5-13) and teachers from across Hampshire, MESTival is the first festival of its kind, providing young people with a thought-provoking and inspiring insight into STEM. 

MESTival is well underway today with STEmzone activities, STEMinars, rocket-powered cars and more. We are delighted and honoured to have the following statement from Major Tim Peake who has recently returned from the International Space Station:

“I hope MESTival is a great success for St Swithun's School, Winchester, on 6 July 2016.
This festival of Maths, Science, Engineering and Technology will explore the core subjects of the modern world.  MESTival-goers will be inspired by the interesting speakers, get involved with workshops and activities, connect with other students, teachers and industry-leaders, as well as, most importantly, have fun.

I hope the MESTival-goers will be challenged to think in new ways about how their futures can be shaped by these subjects.  Take it from me that the results can be, quite literally, out of this world!”

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In addition to an exciting speakers programme (including TV presenters Helen Arney and Stefan Gates), there will be hands-on workshops and activities, as well as a STEMzone where festivalgoers can discover more about STEM-related courses, careers and products from visiting companies and universities.
Year 5 and 6 students will attend in the morning, taking part in two exciting activities – using STIXX machines to convert waste newspaper into solid rods to be used to solve a construction challenge, and a problem solving masterclass from the Happy Puzzle Company.

Also in the morning, year 7, 8 and 9 students will tackle a series of indoor and outdoor challenges as they are put through their paces by organisations including the Army and the Royal Navy.  They will then have a set of talks from STEM experts, including author and TV presenter Stefan Gates. After lunch they will have a chance to explore stalls and displays in the STEMzone.  

Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 students will start the morning by going to two extended talks, chosen from a list of six speakers.  They will then visit the STEMzone, followed by lunch.  In the afternoon the students will choose three interactive seminars (from a choice of 30) to allow them to explore the subjects closest to their hearts.
At the end of the afternoon, all year 7 – 13 students will come together for a memorable performance by Helen Arney, TV science presenter, comedian and singer.

If you would like more information about MESTival, or are interested in getting involved, please contact