Learning with the National Prep Schools Symphony Orchestra

At the end of the summer term Sophie and Eleanor packed their bags and their instruments to spend a week at Wellington College, Crowthorne for the National Preparatory Schools Symphony Orchestra annual course.

There were over 100 children from schools across the country but also some familiar faces from Pilgrims, Twyford and Winchester College. The music was challenging and inspirational but mostly a lot of fun. Some of the evening activities included swimming, tennis and various games. The girls rehearsed for 6 hours a day and were very pleased to have learnt every note by the time they played in the final concert on Saturday afternoon to extremely proud parents and friends. 

Musicians from Grade 2 upwards would benefit greatly from attending this course next year with Sophie and Eleanor, who can't wait to go back.  The provisional dates for the course next year are from 12 to 18 July, if your daughter is interested please see www.NPSO.co.uk