Leading as a scout

Freya Hutchings M5 was recently awarded the Chief Scout’s Gold Award, which is the top award that can be achieved as a scout.  To achieve the award she had to complete six challenge awards. These included community, fitness, creative, global, promise and outdoor skill requirements as well as expeditions and adventure categories.  Freya worked at her local shop and a project at her local church for the community aspect. She wrote about lacrosse helping her fitness for the outdoor skill and for her global element she did a project on Nelson Mandela, ironically accepting her award by the area District Commissioner on the evening Nelson Mandela died. 

Freya was also required to complete her expedition and adventure badges, both of which she achieved by helping at weekend survival camps and on hikes.

Freya has now moved on to become a young leader with the scouting association, which is also counting towards the volunteering element for her bronze Duke of Edinburgh award.

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