L5 Greek day

Mrs Claire Webster, Classics writes: L5 enjoyed a Greek Day as the culmination to their three-week taster session in Ancient Greek.  In small groups they studied myths and presented them in innovative ways, including raps and playlets, to their classmates.  Greek vases were constructed out of orange and black paper illustrating the myths studied and the girls produced some beautifully intricate work showing stories such as Pyramus and Thisbe (there were some rather cute lions).


The morning was rounded off with a symposium for each group, in which the girls enjoyed pretending to be Greeks at a drinking party (lemonade only!), eating grapes whilst discussing philosophical topics and playing the Greek drinking game ‘kottabos’.  After a wonderful Greek-themed lunch, which the whole school enjoyed, the afternoon was devoted to Greek tragedy, with visiting speaker Dr Lucy Jackson from King’s College London introducing the subject before leading the girls in a ‘Make your own Tragedy’ workshop.  The girls threw themselves into this with enthusiasm and rounded off the day splendidly with some extravagant over-acting.

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