L4 wild in Wiltshire

Bella Catling-Francis and Millie Blockey write: In mid-September, L4 went to H5 adventure camp in Wiltshire. The bus journey to the camp was long but you could feel the excitement in the air. We were greeted by H5 staff who helped us put up our tents (which was very difficult!) and then we eagerly dived into our lunch before getting stuck into activities. Some of our favourite activities were canoeing and bushcraft. Bushcraft skills enabled us to build a campfire and we cooked eggs, potato and popcorn. Bridge building was fun and some of us got wet trying to shuffle along a rope only supported by two wooden structures which we had built earlier. We finished the day with a story from the staff and hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows before heading to our tents where beetles, daddy-long-legs and spiders lay in wait for the morning.

The next day after an early start and breakfast of sausages, cereal and croissants we started our final activities before heading back exhausted but exhilarated.

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